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Professional Audit Recovery Services

For over 25 years, we have tailored audit recovery programs for each of our client’s individual needs. We understand each cost recovery project performed will have its own unique characteristics and require our full attention to details. We like to think of ourselves as financial forensic detectives, uncovering all supportive details necessary to explain the “whys” behind each potential cost recovery. We conduct our reviews as professionals, in a confidential and non-invasive manner. With our vast experience, innovative technology, and a clear understanding of our client’s individual needs, you can be assured of our results.

healthcare audit services

Healthcare Audit Recovery

Accounts Payable Audits
Contract Pricing Compliance
Item Master List Reconciliation
Strategic Corporate Partnerships

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retail and commercial audit services

Retail & Commercial Audit Recovery

Accounts Payable Audits
Vendor Statement Reconciliation
Manual Paper Audit

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Below is an example of a company whose annual disbursement is $50 Million (non-payroll) and what they can expect to recover at various potential recovery ratios.

.1% Recovery Ratio
.25% Recovery Ratio
.5% Recovery Ratio

Typically lost profits in the accounts payable disbursement cycle can represent anywhere between 0.10% and 0.50% of all non-payroll annual disbursements. Less than half of one percent may not seem like a material amount to get excited about, however, a fraction of a percent compared to an organization’s total disbursements can add up quickly.

Do You Think 99.9% Efficiency is Good?

Although results will vary, here are a few  examples of actual client numbers to illustrate what recoveries of less than half of 1% looks like.

Actual Client Numbers

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