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Cost Recovery News

The Trio Company was founded in 1990 as a management consulting firm specializing in accounts payable recovery and supply chain recovery services.  Over the past 25 years, we have become the leader in cost recovery audit services covering numerous lines of business.  Our headquarters is located in East Norwich, New York with staff offices located in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, and Puerto Rico.  Our prestigious and extensive client list for both Healthcare and Commercial & Retail industries extend throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

The Trio Company attends “Taste of Hope – Cena Bajo Las Estrellas” in support of pediatric cancer fundraising event in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

John Stahl, CEO and President of the Trio Company along with Miguel Hernandez, Regional Account Manager also of The Trio Company attend "Taste of Hope - Cena Bajo Las Estrellas" in Isla Verde Puerto Rico, to support a pediatric cancer fundraising event. Read More...

Good News for Puerto Rico!

Seeking to avoid protracted legal skirmishes, Puerto Rico officials have been trying to engage various creditors in deals that would avert default.  NY Times  By MICHAEL CORKERY NOV. 22, 2015 .... read full article here

The Trio Company Announces Business Development in Puerto Rico


The Trio Company announces business development in Puerto Rico by partnering with new prestigious clients and hiring full time local staff members.

East Norwich, NY/ San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Trio Company is the leading national cost recovery firm specializing in Accounts Payable Audits, Contract Pricing Compliance, and maximizing the recovery of lost revenues...

Additional Revenue Opportunities In the Accounts Payable Disbursement Cycle

The Challenge

Healthcare executives are faced with the continuous challenge between financial responsibilities associated with operational costs and providing the highest level of quality care in a very competitive marketplace. With constant regulatory changes, budget cuts, and financial resources being exhausted, every dollar counts.

One area of opportunity to identify and recover lost revenues that’s not always...