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Cost Recovery Project Frequently Asked Questions

For over 25 years, our experience and dedication to providing maximum results for our clients has made us the leader in cost recovery audits. We’ve developed a “Financial Forensic” auditing approach which not only identifies and maximizes recoveries, but we also fully investigate and understand the “whys” behind any query that needs further explanation. We do the necessary digging that your staff doesn’t always have the time to do with their day to day responsibilities.

We are not affiliated with any GPO or buying group which keeps us completely independent with zero conflict of interest with our responsibility to you as a client.

We have developed strong relationships with our clients as well as your vendors so we can work efficiently and ultimately add revenue to your bottom line.

Our “Perfected Claims” are approved by the vendor with supportive documentation before submitting vendor credits for deductions against outstanding balances, or provide you with a refund check.

If you already have a cost recovery audit firm working for you, try bringing us in after them to perform a secondary audit. We have had success conducting secondary audits and ultimately become the primary auditors.

You may have the most loyal and knowledgeable staff members with the latest operating system in place, however when the human element is involved, unfortunately there will be some money lost in the procurement process. Just think how many departments could be involved in a purchase fulfillment; Doctors, Vendors, Accounts Receivable, Finance, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Shipping & Receiving. The smallest communication breakdown can create an opportunity for money to be lost.

Other reasons to consider a cost recovery project is to assist with other financial challenges that one may experience through budget cuts or other lost revenue streams.

Our price structure works on a contingency basis. If we recover nothing, you pay nothing. There are no upfront expenses or hidden fees, we simply share a portion of the recovered money as our fee. When a vendor approves a credit deduction, or a refund check has been obtained, we then submit an invoice for our fee. There is absolutely no risk involved for our cost recovery work.
All projects will vary, however a typical project from start to finish will take approximately 4-6 months. This would include the initial meetings and final management report. Our review process is a combination of on and offsite work to maximize the amount of recoveries for you.
You would be misled if anyone ever gave a projected recovery amount prior to looking at any data. There is no formula for who, when, where, or how much, is involved in any errors. Our 25 years of experience has shown recoveries to be typically a fraction of 1%.

As an example, if your institution has $125 million in non-payroll expenses over a given period that we review, and found 0.01% of money that was lost through the disbursement cycle, that would equate to $125,000.00 in recoveries. What would you do with an extra $50,000.00, $75,000.00, $125,000.00 or potentially more?

We make it a point to not disrupt your operation in any way. We understand reviewing financial documents and employees’ work can be sensitive. That is why at the beginning of each engagement, we introduce ourselves and processes to your staff so there is full transparency of who we are and that we are simply an additional resource to help identify missing money that is rightfully yours. We are not there to highlight mistakes or make judgments. Our only impact on your operation is a positive one to your bottom line.
Our corporate headquarters are based in New York with satellite offices in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California and Puerto Rico. Our current client base covers the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
As long as the data exists, and there is record of payments and invoices being paid, we can perform a cost recovery analysis.


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