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Telephone Bill Verification Review

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Telephone Bill Verification Review

Communications Consulting Services, Inc. is an independent telephone bill verification  review company that has been in business since 1980. A thorough review of all telephone lines/circuits, equipment, data and service charges to ensure they are billed in accordance with the tariffs. For more than 34 years, clients in the fields of hospitals, fortune 500 firms, boards of education, and municipalities have seen recoveries from this review. Experience has indicated 75% of the clients that engaged Communications Consulting Services, Inc. were overcharged by the telephone companies in some form. Individual refunds obtained have ranged from $600 to $600,000.

According to an article in USA Today, businesses are overcharged by as much as 35% in telephone charges, and that 80% of all business telephone bills are inaccurate.

Communications Consulting Services, Inc. Service information:


  • No investment on your part – no expense or “upfront money”
  • No interruption to your business or tying up any valuable time.
  • The telephone companies provide all information needed there is no need for detailed telephone bill  information from you to initiate a review.
  • Assurance that a current and accurate inventory of your telephone service and equipment charges is  completed.

Fee Arrangement

  • Contingency basis only, No Savings, No Fee. There is simply No Risk!
  • Fee is fifty percent of any refunds you receive as a direct result of the review.
  • There is no sharing of any future monthly savings that come about as a result of the audit. 100 % of all future savings go directly to your company.
  • Your refund check is made out directly to you and sent within 3-5 months.
  • You are not invoiced from Communications Consulting Services, Inc. until the refund check is in your hand and monthly bills reduced.

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